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El Choco Gift Basket

El Choco Gift Basket

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Description: Our signature El Choco Gift Basket is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life, we all have at least one! This decadent and luxurious selection of beautiful Spanish desserts will enlighten the senses of your loved one and invite them to try some of the best we have to offer: Truffles, Natillas and Turrón.
Enjoy these chocolates on a night in with family or snack throughout the day. Also paired very well with café or a gin in tonic.


  • All products made in Spain
  • Basket assembled in Canada


  • 81130 truffles
  • 81070 Bubo
  • 81030 Cudie yogurt
  • 81050 Cudie green
  • 81010 Cudie brown
  • 81090 Natillas
  • 81110 Aroz con leche
  • 50320 Chocolate Figs 2