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La Abuela Carmen Black Garlic (Bulbs) 2 Bulbs

La Abuela Carmen Black Garlic (Bulbs) 2 Bulbs

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2 Bulbs | Carton

Description: Garlic bulbs fermented to perfection, creating a sweet and earthy taste.


  • Aged through a natural maturation process
  • Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled, and neither additives nor preservatives are used
  • This garlic is deliciously sweet, with slight hints of spice and liquorice
  • It helps keep the autoimmune system strong and improves cardiovascular health
  • It is a great antiseptic, helps reduce blood pressure, aids digestion, is diuretic and contains essential amino acids
  • Black garlic can be eaten alone or as part of a recipe, combining perfectly with seafood, cheeses, meats or mushrooms

Ingredients: Garlic. 

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

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