Marcos Iberian Acorn-Fed (Bellota) Cular Chorizo, Half-Piece

Marcos Acorn-Fed (Bellota) Iberian Cular Chorizo, Half-Piece

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Approx. 600 g | Vacuum Pack

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Description: Dry-cured mild Spanish acorn-fed Iberian pork sausage seasoned with pimentón (Spanish paprika).


  • Salamanca region
  • Supplier certified for compassionate farming

Ingredients: Acorn-fed Iberian pork, salt, Spanish paprika DO de la Vera, garlic powder, sugar, skimmed milk powder (milk), spices, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, sodium ascorbate, oregano. Casing not edible. Remove casing before consumption.

Storage: Keep refrigerated.

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This product is made by Marcos Sotoserrano, a company founded in 1982 and located in Sotoserrano, Salamanca, Castile and León.

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Experience the world’s finest Iberian ham.

Marcos Sotoserrano