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Seafood Paella Experience Kit

Seafood Paella Experience Kit

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Description: The essential ingredients to make the perfect paella at home.  And to repeat another day!


  • Carmencita Seafood Paella Kit (includes rice, spices and olive oil)

  • Carmencita Seafood Paella Kit and Pan

  • Carmencita Vegetable Paella Kit

  • Dantza Artichokes

  • Nuchar Octopus 1 leg

  • Los Peperetes Muscles in Vinagrette

Serving Suggestions:

Follow the instructions on the paella kit with pan. 

For added flavour in the vegetable paella, add the Dantza artichokes 5 minutes before the paella is finished.  

For added flavour to the seafood paella, add the Nuchar Cooked Octopus (sliced) before putting the rice in the water.

In a small bowl, put a handful of ice.  Then open the can of Los Peperetes Muscles and place the can on top of the ice. Serve cold.  Hint:  Los Peperetes products should not be refrigerated as it will alter the taste.

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