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Gratinéed Piquillo Peppers with White Tuna Recipe

Recipe - Gratinéed Piquillo Peppers with White Tuna

Gratinéed food gives such great results in the kitchen! It is always delicious, especially if we use top-quality ingredients such as red piquillo peppers and white tuna.



  1. Prepare the white sauce:
    • Melt the butter in a saucepan.
    • Add the flour and lightly toast the mixture.
    • Add the milk that has previously been gradually boiled, stirring constantly to avoid lumps.
    • Add salt and pepper, and sprinkle the ground pepper and nutmeg.
  1. Fill the red piquillo peppers with the white tuna.
  2. Place them in a refractory baking dish.
  3. Cover them with the white sauce.
  4. Sprinkle the grated cheese.
  5. Cook au gratin in the oven until they turn golden in colour.