Simple Ways to Enjoy Pulpo - Cook Spanish Octopus

Simple Ways to Enjoy Pulpo - Cook Spanish Octopus

Pulpo (also known as Octopus) is a popular tapa in Spain. It is a common catch for fisherman from the Galicia region and has since become a favourite across the country.

Octopus is a very versatile product, but one that some people tend to shy away from making at home. Don’t be put off by the preparation - with our Los Peperetes and Nuchar products, enjoying this classic Spanish dish is easier than ever and requires very little preparation.



Here are some products we recommend for a simple Octopus experience:

Los Peperetes Octopus in Olive Oil

These Pulpo are harvested and picked in Spain then cooked and hand packed with an exquisite olive oil. They are ready to enjoy, just open and dig in - or heat up with a touch of cayenne pepper.

Los Peperetes Octopus in Galician Sauce (paprika sauce)
Warm this product up in its own divine Galicia Sauce and serve it with rice or boiled potatoes. An easy meal for octopus lovers!  

Nuchar Cooked Carpaccio Octopus

Nuchar products are fresh, never frozen and you can taste the difference! The Carpaccio Octopus takes the work out of Octopus and makes it even easier to enjoy a simple Spanish meal at home. These octopus pieces are thinly sliced and ready to enjoy with any meal.

Nuchar Cooked Octopus 1 leg

Another fresh, never frozen product! Though the Nuchar products are pre-cooked, in the video below you will find some ways to prepare the delicious Octopus leg product.

If you are looking to buy Octopus in the Toronto, Ontario, or Canada Area – shop online from us: The Spanish Store. We are Canada’s one-of-a-kind online store for Spain’s most exquisite food, home and décor articles, drinks and lifestyle items. Enjoy specialty imports at your doorstep, including Pulpo!


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