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What Makes Torres Chips Exceptional - Favourite Spanish Snacks

Torres Selecta Gourmet Potato Chips have become a customer favourite Canada-wide. We can hardly keep them in stock!

With addictive flavours like Iberian Ham, Black truffle, Caviar, Sparkling Wine, Cured Cheese and many more – it is no surprise that they have gained a cult-like following in Spain and across the world.

Torres began in 1969, at a small potato chip stand in Premià de Mar, Spain, by Manuel Torres and his wife, Ángeles Medel. By 1985, the business had grown and the couple’s children Manuel and Juan took the family business to the next level. Though they have modernized their brand throughout the years, and expanded their production to keep up with the high demand, the Torres product maintains the old-fashioned and handcrafted process that it has from day one.

In addition to their mantra towards old-world traditions, all of the Torres Chip products begin with the best raw materials. The company chooses the highest caliber potatoes, grown in the best gardens on the Iberian Peninsula, with growers they have been working with for over 35 years. The altitude, climatic and geological conditions of the Iberian Peninsula are the perfect combination to obtain the best potato chip flavours.

Torres Chips in Canada, Toronto Ontario

From harvest, the potatoes are stored at the Torres facilities for preservation while awaiting their next phase. The making of Torres Potato Chips then continues with peeling. The sprouts and impurities are removed, leaving the potatoes ready for cutting. Each potato is cut to the exact thickness to achieve maximum flavour and a crunchy texture. Next, the potatoes are taken to the fryer through a conveyor belt which removes excess water.

The chips are then fried with all-natural olive juice – a blend of three different varieties of olives from the mountain range in Cordoba Spain, hand-harvested at the exact moment of ripeness. During the frying process, the chips are constantly stirred by hand to ensure consistency. The Torres chips are then drained of excess oil and are seasoned and salted. The salt on Torres chips is obtained by natural evaporation of seawater, intensifying each potato chip flavour. The product is then cooled, and each chip is hand-sorted to select only the best chips that arrive to customers around the world.

Torres Chips in Canada, Toronto Ontario

Then, the final product Torres Potato Chip line is packaged and ready for customers to enjoy!  

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