Become an Olive Oil Expert - Our Complete Menu of Spanish EVOOs

Become an Olive Oil Expert - Our Complete Menu of Spanish EVOOs

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of life in European countries like Spain and is now becoming increasingly popular in North America.

Studies have shown that this diet has many positive effects on your body, such as reducing the risk of many diseases. A cornerstone of this Mediterranean Diet is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This staple is a must have in the kitchen and has health benefits of its own.

Experience Spanish Olive Oil in Canada | Blog Post The Spanish Store Toronto, Ontario

Extra Virgin olive oil is made from pure cold pressed olives - dependent on the region it’s from, the type of olive, and how it is processed, you can end up with a wide variety of distinct flavour notes. One thing to note when adding olive oil to your diet is that the term “Extra virgin” requires the oil to be extracted from olives alone, whereas standard olive oil can be a mixture of the oil from the pressed olives and processed oil. We at The Spanish Store believe if you are going to experience an Olive Oil it should only be Extra Virgin, so we made sure to find EVOOs that have that quality but also have an affordable price. 

At The Spanish Store, we offer many high-quality olive oils that have been chosen for their enticing flavour and qualities.

Experience Spanish Olive Oil in Canada | The Spanish Store Toronto, Ontario

Some Extra Virgin Olive Oils that we offer include:

1881 Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This non-filtered extra virgin olive oil is from Osuna, Seville using handpicked olives varieties: Hojiblanca (70%) and Lechin (30%). The flavours are distinctive, natural, green and fruity. It is a customer favourite and its price can’t be beat!

Oro Bailen Picual Olive Oil - This cold extracted exta virgin olive oil is from Jaén, Spain and made with Picual olive varieties. It has a bright, shiny green colour with an intense fruity flavour of fresh olive. It is sweet and slightly spicy.

Oro Bailen Hojiblanca - This cold extracted exta virgin olive oil is from Jaén, Spain and made with Hojiblanca olive varieties. It has a perfect conjunction between fruity, bitter and spicy.

Oro Bailen Arbequina - This cold extracted exta virgin olive oil is from Jaén, Spain and made with Arbequina olive varieties. At first taste, it is smooth and delicate, then slightly bitter and light with a notable spicy presence. It is harmonic, with an almond aftertaste.

El Lagar del Soto Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manzanilla Cacereña - This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium monovarietal (Manzanilla Cacereña) from plantations registered for the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Gata-Hurdes. It is cold-drawn from the first extraction and immediately after harvesting the fruit. The flavour is initially sweet, but also has a slightly bitter and somewhat spicy note.

iO Extra Virgin Olive Oil with D-Limonene- This Extra virgin olive oil is naturally enriched with D-limonene through low-temperature decantation. D-limonene may assist with concentration, reduce physical and psychological fatigue, and improve moods and digestion. This one also has a very mild lemon taste.

Naturvie Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina- Extra virgin olive oil made 100% with olives of the Arbequina variety. It uses the Martin Berasategui System for the bottle to avoid contamination of the oil by decantation (same principle as wine). The flavours are fruity with aromas of banana, herb, green apple and almond. The palate predominates the sweet before light, spicy and sour.

Naturvie Extra Virgin Olive Oil Full Moon- In Extremadura, Spain, at the famous Naturvie olive oil house, olives are picked by hand during the first full moon in October and pressed within the hour by the 150 members of the Full Moon Olive Oil Club. This results in a flavour that is intense and very complex aroma of green grass, tomato plant, banana, green kiwi and citric. It is sweet, velvety, and long lasting with delicious astringency of green vegetables and a final touch of green pepper.

The Olive Oil options don’t end there! Other ways to enjoy the delectable flavour of olive oil include: Herpac Tuna in Olive Oil, Los Peperetes Conservas Seafood in Olive Oil, Torres Selecta 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Potato Chips, and Upita Olive Oil Tortas (Flatbreads). You can also enjoy bread or pita dipped into a drizzle of olive oil with grated garlic, in one of our handmade, hand-painted Garlic Graters from Antonio Ortiz.

Experience Spanish Olive Oil | The Spanish Store Toronto Ontario

Unsure which olive oil is your favourite? Try our Oro Balien Selection Pack - the best way to get to know the amazing varieties Spain has to offer. 

 If you are looking to buy Olive Oil in the Toronto, Ontario, or Canada Area – shop online from us: The Spanish Store™. We are Canada’s one-of-a-kind online store for Spain’s most exquisite food, home and décor articles, drinks and lifestyle items. Enjoy specialty imports at your doorstep.

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