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We invite you to share in our passion for good food, good friends and family, exceptional wine, interesting culture, vibrant fashion and feel-good music—all with a sprinkle of Spanish sunshine!

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NEW. Los Peperetes. Hidden Treasures from the Sea. Spanish grocery and Spanish food

Los Peperetes

Barnacles, cockles, cod, mussels, octopus, sardines and squids from Galicia. A treasure trove of rare thalassic delights!

Spanish Cheese Imports in Canada

Spanish Cheese

Traditional methods of production, and a passion for cheese-making. Artisanal specialty cheese, straight from Spain.

Carmencita Spanish Spices and seasonings available - Shop Online Canada


Spice mixes, botanicals for cocktails, traditional paella kits and more; All of the nostalgic well-loved Spanish flavours are available from Carmencita.


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