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Latest Arrivals

NEW. Los Peperetes. Hidden Treasures from the Sea.

Los Peperetes

Barnacles, cockles, cod, mussels, octopus, sardines and squids from Galicia. A treasure trove of rare thalassic delights!

NEW. Marcos. The World's Finest Iberian Ham.


Los ibéricos mejor afinados del mundo. Bone-in and boneless acorn-fed and countryside-fed Iberian ham. Nothing but the best!

NEW. Delaviuda. The Perfect Gift for Christmas.


Supreme-quality chocolate, creamy and crunchy turron (nougat). And marzipan, too. The ideal present for almond lovers!


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Why Choose Iberico Ham?

Why Choose Iberico Ham?

Iberico Ham (or Jamon Iberico) has been called the finest ham in all the world. It is a delicacy that Spaniards and non-Spaniards alike wax poetic ...
Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette

Make a potato omelette quickly and easily with Ferrer Tapas Spanish Omelette Mix. A delicious meal cooked to your taste in 5 minutes. No additives or allergens!
Chorizo Pasta

Chorizo Pasta

Savour your pasta like never before, the Spanish way, with none other than chorizo—Spain’s famous rust-red cured sausage.