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Salmorejo Recipe - Famous Spanish Tomato Purée

Salmorejo is a family favourite! People who have never tried Spanish food before will go nuts over this tasty and addictive dipping sauce and side-dish, and the ones who are already familiar with Spanish food will be sure to know exactly how special this simple addition to the Spanish palette is...

What You Need to Know About It

Salmorejo is often confused with Gazpacho but they are worlds apart. Gazpacho is a soup with vegetables, however Salmorejo is a purée with bread. It is comparable to a cream of broccoli soup but there is no cream. 

This purée is best served cold. It is great for summer as it is refreshing.

What We Love About It

  • Simple Ingredients
  • Easy to Make
  • Loved By Everyone
  • Gluten-Free Option (with Gluten-Free Bread)
  • Goes Well with Everything (Pizza, Veggies, Versatile Dipping Sauce, and Toppings)
  • Works Well as a Standalone Meal with Simple Toppings Added

The key to the Salmorejo is the Sherry vinegar and Olive Oil. This is the critical.

Prep time: 10 minutes


Amounts for 1 Blender (4 cups)
4 tomatoes (Beefsteak, the juicer the better)
1 teaspoon of Sea Salt
2 tablespoons of 1881 Sherry vinegar
¼ cup of 1881 extra virgin olive oil
½ of a large baguette or breadsticks


  1. Blend the 4 large tomatoes. Pour it through a strainer and keep the liquid portion to use to eliminate the chunks.
  2. Add the tomato liquid to the blender, along with the salt, Sherry vinegar and the bread.
  3. As it begins to blend, slowly start putting in the pieces of the bread to start the blending process.
  4. Once you see that the substance is liquified and puréed, slowly add the olive oil while it is blending.
  5. Stop blending once you’ve reached the orange-colour of Salmorejo.
  6. Add more ingredients to taste and preferences. To make the puree thicker, add a little more bread, and more salt if you prefer a saltier taste.
  7. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.

The dish looks best served in a white dish or our hand-painted Antonio Artiz serving bowls.


With Hard-Boiled Egg: To garnish, you can place a diced hard-boiled egg in the middle of the puree in a serving bowl. 
Have the egg in a separate bowl. Or chunks of Serrano Ham.

With Serrano Ham: Slice up little pieces of the San Gabriel Serrano Ham.

With Toasted Baguette: Serve with a toasted baguette to dip it, you can eat it as a soup and it goes great with everything on the dinner table.

Other Tasty Pairings: Palicimo Bread sticks, baguette, vegetables, fish and meat.