Our Story

Our Story
Our story is filled with many stories of families and villages along the Spanish peninsula and throughout the country of Spain. Every product we display on our website has been hand selected throughout the villages and family-owned businesses in Spain. This is how we present to you unique and treasured delicacies, straight from Spain to your doorstep.

Every product and vendor featured on The Spanish Store™ contributes to the meals we place on our dinner table and all of the memorabilia and treasures we enjoy in our home.

Here at The Spanish Store™, the best part of our story is becoming part of yours by sharing our favourite treasures from Spain with you.

The enchantment in every product forms a beautiful compilation of culture we can only attribute to the mysterious an elegant country of Spain.


Every year, we our collection expands with a growing selection of Authentic Spanish Products. We joyfully invite you to come along on our journey and to share in the riches and delights of our online collection here