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Kiele Seafood Salad 150 g

Kiele Seafood Salad 150 g

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150 g | Sealed Tray


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Description: Typical Mediterranean recipe characterized by its nutritional value, it does not add too many calories and is rich in protein and low in fat.


  • Gluten-free
  • High content of omega 3 fatty acids
  • Anisakis free

Ingredients: Skid – MOLLUSK – (Dosidicus gigas), sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil.  Mussels – MOLLUSK – (Mytilus galloprovincialis), pickles (pickled onion, gherkins, green olives) red bell pepper acidity regulator.

Storage: Keep refrigerated. 

*This product arrives in an insulated mailer with an ice pack, may thaw by arrival. 

INKIELE, S.L. INKIELE, S.L. was founded in 2002 in Socuéllamos, La Mancha. Specializing in SEMI-PRESERVED FISH PRODUCTS they aim to bring the finest flavours of the sea to your table, awaken your senses, and surprise you with the flavour, aroma, taste, texture and freshness of our products.

Kiele is committed to sustainable fishing 
and has been accredited with the blue MSC label,
in recognition of our contribution to the maintenance of
seabed habitats.

Love for great fish. 

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