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Los Peperetes Cod in Biscay Sauce 630 g

Los Peperetes Cod in Biscay Sauce 630 g

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630 g | Can

Description: Cod (Gadus morhua) in Biscay sauce, cooked and packed by hand.


  • Traditional fish in the North of Spain and Portugal
  • Its preparation requires a meticulous process of desalting in order to reach the perfect taste
  • Stewed in a homemade sauce using the traditional recipe of the grandma’s cooking pot
  • Origin: Galicia, Spain
  • Certification: Galician Fish Market

Serving Suggestions:

In a small bowl, put a handful of ice.  Open the can of Los Peperetes and place the can on top of the ice. Serve cold.  Hint:  Los Peperetes products should not be refrigerated as it can alter the taste.

Ingredients: Cod, onion, olive oil, tomato, red pepper, “choricero” sweet red pepper, toasted bread, garlic, salt. Contains fish. Contains gluten. May contain traces of shellfish and molluscs.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume in 3 days.

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This product is made by Jelopa, S.L., a company established in the early 1990s and based in Villagarcía de Arosa, Pontevedra, Galicia.

Location of Jelopa, S.L., in Spain
Villagarcía de Arosa
Villagarcía de Arosa

Los Peperetes. A deeply anchored family tradition.

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