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Artisan DOP Manchego Cheese Semicured 3M "Ntra. Sra. de Fuentes"

Artisan DOP Manchego Cheese Semicured 3M "Ntra. Sra. de Fuentes"

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Semi cured Manchego cheese made with raw milk from Manchega sheep, obtaining the qualification of cheese with Denomination of Origin.

The 1 kg variant is made from pasteurized milk.

Natural crust of brown color, light ivory interior, creamy texture with eyes distributed throughout the interior, with its labeling where the ingredients are indicated, the word "Queso Manchego", the back label of the Numbered Designation of Origin, nutritional values, batch and expiration date.

Semi cured cheese 60 days mínimum maduration

Raw manchega sheep´s milk, salt, rennet, lactic cultures, stabilizer E-509 and preservatives: Lysozyme(egg)

Milk, lusozyme (egg)

Tasting notes and pairing:
Aromatic and silky Manchego cheese, with a delicacy that melts on the palate, leaving us slightly acid notes, interspersed with memories of cereal, highlighting its buttery and pleasant and lasting aftertaste with high persistence in the mouth.

Perfect pairing with young wines, white Verdejo and red aging, craft beers. Excellent combination with quince, grapes and fruit jams.

The ideal is to keep it in the refrigerator protected by its original packaging or sulfurized paper. If it is not going away to consume immediately it is advisable to wrap it in a rag slightly moistened in salty water, thus we avoid its drying, loss of butteriness and flavor. The cheese is advisable to consume it at a temperature between 20 °C and 22 °C and temper it one or two hours before Once the tasting is finished, the cheese is covered again, covering the cut with a double plastic film or food paper to protect it

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