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Marcos Boneless Countryside-Fed 50% Iberian Ham

Marcos Boneless Countryside-Fed 50% Iberian Ham

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Approx. 4 kg | Vacuum Pack

Description: Boneless countryside-fed Iberian ham cured for 36+ months.


  • Salamanca/Guijuelo region
  • 50% Iberian breed and 50/50 Duroc breed
  • Free-range
  • Supplier certified for compassionate farming

Ingredients: Countryside-fed Iberian pork ham, salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, sodium citrate, sodium ascorbate.

Storage: Keep refrigerated.

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This product is made by Marcos Sotoserrano, a company founded in 1982 and located in Sotoserrano, Salamanca, Castile and León.

Location of Marcos in Spain

Experience the world’s finest Iberian ham.

Marcos Sotoserrano

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